Private Coaching

ALIVE in Healthcare offers private coaching for leaders and individuals within the healthcare industry.  Private coaching is available for those who want to continue coaching post Leadership Circles© Program or are dealing with new challenges, complexities or opportunities. Too many times we get stuck and don’t know how to move past certain crossroads. A coach will help you get past these struggles and find relief. A coach partners with you in taking your desires and goals seriously. You do not have to be a participant in the Leadership Circles© program to request private coaching.  

What will an ALIVE in Healthcare coach do for you?

Hold you as a leader who wants more for self, others and their world – Leading from Humanity

Listen to what you are saying and not saying

Be honest when no one else will

Help you set achievable goals

Help you identify your passions & values and live by them

Clearly understand your world views and work with those of others

Look for the patterns that hold you back and how to get through them

Challenge your limiting beliefs

Hold you naturally creative, resourceful & whole

Optional: help you create and implement a strategic plan on a specific project or goal

There are a limited number of spaces available for private coaching.  Each package is tailored to the needs of the individual and based on best practice format for effective and successful coaching

Minimum requirements

  • The client is committed to leadership growth and development
  • That the client’s coaching needs are in alignment with ALIVE in Healthcare’s values and philosophy
  • Renewing clients 12 session minimum; one hour sessions over a six month period
  • New clients 24 session minimum; one hour sessions over a 12 month period

If you would like to explore whether private coaching with ALIVE in Healthcare is for you, schedule an exploratory call with us today.  

What will I get out of working with an ALIVE in Healthcare coach?

You will get results in all shapes and sizes: moments of realization, conquered fears, achieved goals and clarity in more ways than you can imagine. You will move from where you are now to where you want to be with direction, support and celebration. By getting coached, you are committing to creating more for yourself than you would ever do for yourself alone. You will get a coach who truly listens to you, motivates you, acknowledges the greatness you possess and tells you where you are not being true to yourself. You will get a coach who will be more honest with you than your best friend would ever be, moving you past your stuck points and towards fulfillment.