Positivity & Joy in Nurses – Our mission is to bring 10 million nurses together from all parts of the world, to live and breathe positivity and joy.


In 2 years, we will have influenced 1 million nurses to “Join the Movement” and Reclaim Life, to be the Champion Nurses who care for themselves as much as they care for their patients and families.

In 10 years, ALIVE in Healthcare will have influenced 10 million nurses, globally, to be proud of their profession and contribution to Relationship-Centred Care©️.


  • Positivity & Joy
  • Honouring humanity
  • Deep, mutual respect
  • Self-love
  • Taking ownership
  • Speaking our truth
  • Appreciating differences in relationships
  • Embracing diversity
  • Leadership
  • Social Responsibility

Our Philosophy

The focus of high-quality care has been about Patient-Centred Care. Our belief is that healthcare functions at its peak when “Leading from Humanity” is from a Relationship-Centred Care©️ approach. Relationship-Centred Care©️ is when:

  • we care about every individual involved in the healthcare system
  • every individual deserves to be seen, heard and acknowledged
  • we hold connection as the essence of life
  • self-love is rooted as the ground for happiness
  • every moment offers a conscious choice
  • all parties lean in at their best 100%
  • we embrace diversity to enrich our worldviews
  • we co-create for the sake of the best relationships

To feel ALIVE is to Live and Breathe Positivity and Joy while Leading from Humanity