“Leading from Humanity in Healthcare”


In 10 years, ALIVE in Healthcare will have influenced thousands of Healthcare Professionals globally to be proud of their profession and contribution to Relationship-Centred Care©.   


  • Honouring humanity
  • Deep, mutual respect
  • Self-love
  • Taking ownership
  • Speaking our truth
  • Appreciating differences in relationships
  • Embracing diversity
  • Leadership
  • Social Responsibility

Our Philosophy

The focus of high quality care has been about Patient-Centred Care. Our belief is that healthcare functions at its peak when “Leading from Humanity” is from a Relationship-Centred Care© approach. Relationship-Centred Care© is when:

  • we care about every individual involved in the healthcare system
  • every individual deserves to be seen, heard and acknowledged
  • we hold connection as the essence of life
  • self-love is the rooted as the ground for happiness
  • every moment offers conscious choice
  • all parties lean in at their best 100%
  • we embrace diversity to enrich our worldviews
  • we co-create for the sake of best relationships



To feel ALIVE is to Lead from Humanity