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Liliane de Vries, Non-Practicing Registered Practical Nurse, Certified Professional Coach with training in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching and a Consultant of Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion has many years of experience working with the full spectrum of healthcare. As a seasoned speaker, gregarious and not afraid to have those tough conversations that she calls healthy conversations, Liliane has her audience captivated and reflective of their own thoughts and actions.

Her style is one of speaking with the audience versus to the audience. She engages them by asking questions, creating movement and having them experience the learning. Liliane’s voice is strong, melodic and impactful. She has been known to bring singing to her presentations as well.

Organizations hire her to ignite the fire within their staff and leaders and walk away with inspiration. She shifts their way of thinking to taking action and a desire to be more alive in their lives. It is not uncommon for participants to come back to Liliane and tell her the impact her presentations have had on their life.

Most requested Keynotes

“Leading from Humanity”

In this Keynote, Liliane delivers an inspirational and engaging, content-rich message that is sure to bring hope to healthcare professionals. She defines what humanity means to her and shares why we are struggling to meet life’s basic human needs. Her solution to stellar Patient-Centred Care begins with what she calls Relationship-Centred Care©, which she explores with the audience. Liliane’s style is to speak with the audience and not to them. She knows that being spoken to just means people return to their same behaviours; speaking with the audience engages them to move into action. Her goal is to bring new world views to them, have them embody the learning and walk away with a plan of action and accountability.


“Resuscitating Healthcare”

Liliane’s Keynote delivers an inspirational and engaging, content-rich message that is relevant to all healthcare professionals in their roles & responsibilities, and as human beings. Liliane promises to get her audience involved, committed and engaged in being the change they want to see in healthcare. You can count on Liliane to speak with the audience in the most compelling way and have them walk out fully committed to an immediate plan of action. She speaks the hard truth and provides solutions that work. She shares her story and how to implement 3 key steps to resuscitating yourself and others in healthcare. Her successful strategies are used by managers, front line staff, and other healthcare professionals. One person at a time; one team at a time; we will bring life back to healthcare.

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