Welcome to Alive in Healthcare!

I am thrilled that your curiosity brought you here today;
that you’ve come to be a part of my community of nurses and healthcare leaders who are ready to shake the status quo;
that you are willing to play a bigger game, first for yourself, and then for others.

Liliane de Vries

“Liliane de Vries has been recognized as Top Nurse Coach by Coach foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.”

I have created a community

Join the Movement – Nurses Reclaim Life was created,
so that I can share my story and listen to yours;
so that together we can create a life worth living and celebrate the wins that got us here;
so that we can find a solid path to positivity, possibility, and joy,
and more than anything, so that you can have the kind of impact you are longing for,
because the world needs to hear your voice and your message;
YOU need to hear your deepest desires and manifest your greatness;
YOU deserve joy in your life. 

My Story

…began in a loving home with my French parents who survived World War II in France.  My grandparents were of French, Russian, and Spanish descent. Both my father and maternal grandfather were in the French Resistance; my grandfather having died in a concentration camp for the deep love of his country and his compatriots. They were both role models of humanity and strength for me. All my siblings were born in France; I being the only Canadian born.  I married a wonderful South African man, with a Black, White, Filipino and Hottentote mix. Together with a beautiful flavour of cultures, we raised 2 amazing children, and are blessed with 3 beautiful grandchildren. My 8 year old Wheaten Terrier, Spirit, is my precious go to when times challenge me, which at times they can.   

Liliane de Vries

PCC, CPCC, ASTP™, Non-practicing RPN

Founder of ALIVE in Healthcare, a division of ALIVE, my 20+ years of experience as an RPN, gave me the experience of what it meant to be a passionate nurse with strong communication skills in a fast-paced, ever-changing career. I cared for patients through some of the most challenging times with increased professional demands and significant cutbacks.  The continuous personal growth in my role as a nurse – to be my best possible self and build honest and trustworthy relationships – was the foundation of my nursing career. Today I call this Relationship-Centred Care©, where all relationships with self and other healthcare professionals demand a healthy approach to providing stellar Patient-Centred Care.

With almost two decades of working in healthcare organizations delivering workshops and Leadership Coaching, I have created a very unique approach to leadership with a program that includes Leadership Circles© and Nursing Leadership Circles©. Leadership topics of discussion are introduced in alignment with the LEADS approach of Leading Self, Engaging Others and Systems Thinking. The circles are set up to create conversation, support, experiential learning and real-life application. The Leader in Action Circles© of the program are what creates sustainability and continued learning.

Recently, I have created Join the Movement – Nurses Reclaim Life©, inviting nurses to be part of a global community that meets weekly to share real life experiences turning challenges into a more positive experience. We listen to encouraging stories and learn how we can take the golden nuggets to our future experiences. The power of a community looking to find more powerful ways to deal with the present challenges is necessary for our mental well-being, and our collective ways of coming together will empower the change that each one of us is called forth to make happen in our own unique ways.

Bilingual in both English and French, I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF (International Coach Federation), a Co-Active Professional Certified  Coach (CPCC) with the acclaimed CTI (Coaches Training Institute), as well as a graduate of the Co-Active® Leadership Program. My additional training at CRR Global (Centre for Right Relationship) expands my work from individuals to ‘system thinking’, in alignment with organizational missions and values. As a Positive Intelligent (PQ) Coach, I highlight mental fitness in my work with my clients. My successes include work with  Unity Health Toronto, Providence Health Care, SCO Healthcare (Ottawa), Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Baycrest Geriatric Centre, Sick Children’s Hospital and RPNAO. My specialty with Nursing Leadership Circles© has brought my work into South Africa and the USA.

What you’ll find here is a community of like-minded people who are committed to themselves, are ready to grow, and the tools to help them achieve sustainable joy. 

Whether you are a nurse, a nurse practitioner, a nurse manager, a chief of nursing,
whether you are a healthcare professional, a healthcare leader,
you will find programs, tools, and information to transform your career, and your life.

You have now found the community that will support your journey…

through my Blogs, Videos, Executive Leadership Circles©, Nursing Leadership Circles©, Join the Movement – Nurses Reclaim Life membership©, Personal Coaching, and more.
I am here for you. With my support the journey can be fun and transformative, if you are committed to making it so.

I am committed to helping you do things differently, see things differently, and experience things differently.
It’s simple, sometimes not so easy, and the only requirement is that you show up and be willing to look at yourself as I so vulnerably do myself.
Are you in?

With empowering love,