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We, as nurses, are in a profession of caring. We’ve been through a lot, and it has taken a toll on us personally, and on our profession as a whole. It is time to care for ourselves and each other. 

Nurses Reclaim LIFE is a strong global community of nurses who support each other by sharing, listening, acknowledging, and empowering each other. We are not alone. We, as nursing professionals and beautiful human beings, “Join the Movement” to Reclaim the LIFE we deserve.  

It is time!

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Our mission, at ALIVE in Healthcare, is to bring 10 million nurses together from all parts of the world, to live and breathe positivity, possibility and joy.

It is through the support of this strong community that we achieve this together, for ourselves as individuals, and for the caring profession, we will always be a part of.

We stand proud, as members of this community, holding each other as sisters and brothers of this nursing profession. We are there for those in need and are reminded to ask for what we personally need.
We meet regularly, at our weekly NRL (Nurses Reclaim LIFE) Community Calls and co-create the community we are longing for.

We value: the inherent dignity and worth of each person, trust and respect, compassion, nonjudgement, inclusiveness, understanding, open-heartedness, honesty, and courage. We value humanity; to be seen, heard, and acknowledged.

We bring forth thoughtful words and deep active listening. Both heart and mind are engaged as we share our stories, relying on community support to help us be better leaders of ourselves and of our profession.

Our vision is to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually whole so as to build a culture and community of trust and support in the leadership of this profession. We do this for the overall betterment of ourselves, our families, our patients, and our community.

Our weekly NRL Community Calls are a sacred space that honours all unique individuals emerging into our tribe. All members of this movement are equal and create a safe space by speaking from one’s own heart and encouraging others to do the same. Active listening allows us to share the impact of our own experience from what is being heard. We relate it to the themes, wisdom, connections, learning & energy that is being created within our community. Silence is precious, allowing for each member’s personal integration, groundedness and engagement. Our community forms a container that can hold conflicting viewpoints and diverse perspectives. The learning and connections emerge from shared stories, vulnerability, and connection.

“Over the years, my experience has confirmed that we, as human beings, are all looking for the same thing: “To be loved”. We crave connection and do everything in our power to protect ourselves from getting hurt. This often interferes with obtaining the true authentic connection we long for. We were thrown into this world with the wisdom to succeed on this quest for a happy life and yet quickly get caught up with the outside world to falsely guide us.

This community brings us back to the root and essence of who we are in order to speak our truths, share our stories and learn from each other. To be a member of Nurses Reclaim LIFE Community, where we can safely share and call upon the wisdom of others, is an honour. We rise as leaders, who are on a common mission, to lead self at our personal, community, and humanitarian best; to love ourselves and find the love in others.

Are you ready to ‘Join the Movement’? Let’s do this together!”

It is time!

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