Program Format

To ensure feasibility and success, ALIVE engages with your hospital to understand the needs and careful alignment with the mission and strategic direction. We believe the best relationships come from co-creation and a strong partnership.  


The Executive Leadership Circle© is an 18 month group program.  Any number of participants can join the program and depending on the number of participants, circle groups are created.


  • Circle groups consist of between eight and 12 participants.
  • Circle groups meet once a month led by an ALIVE in Healthcare coach facilitator.
  • Each circle group runs for four hours each time.
  • Participants will receive program materials.


The Leadership In Action component of the program will include:

  • A mastermind-style application
  • Rotation of leadership roles within the group during the program
  • Creation of new circle content specific to the leadership group intentions, goals and plan of action
  • Moving forward with Leadership Circles© commitment


The program also includes one-on-one coaching for participants to work on the concepts, learning, and development that comes out of the circle experience.  


  • Participants will be assigned an ALIVE in Healthcare coach to work with throughout the program.
  • One-on-one coaching will occur once a month.
  • These coaching sessions are one hour in duration.


ALIVE employs strategic planning expertise to understand your organization and create the best program possible.  The core program, as explained above, has proven effective in creating shared leadership and a shift towards a positive culture in the workplace.  ALIVE in Healthcare is ready to discuss how this program can work for your organization.


The Executive Leadership Circles© program has helped organizations change their entire culture. There is a common language, mindset and role modeling that permeates the organization. Leaders are happier and more alive in the workplace and in their personal lives. They will use the tools at work and home which means they ‘show up’ at work as their true selves – as proud leaders of their life. It’s a win/win.


The benefits experienced through the Executive Leadership Circles© program are as unique as the individuals themselves, impacting not only careers but lives. Some of the most noted outcomes from our program include:

  •    Engaged and thriving leaders
  •    Reduced mental health issues
  •    Leaders of self and engaging others
  •    Awareness of other world views
  •  A culture of respect, responsibility and pride
  •  A mentality of Relationship-Centred Care ©
  •  Application and sustainability of Leadership Circles © keeping leaders focused and in action.

Leaders are able to:

  • Articulate a vision for the desired work culture
  • Use new skills for constructive, collegial interactions and how to proactively deal with conflict
  • Take on personal responsibility and exercise self-direction
  • Feel an increase in self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence
  • Increase productivity through being more efficient and effective
  • Improve communication skills
  • Handle challenge and conflict more effectively
  • Build a culture of trust with others
  • Experience higher morale
  • Increase respect and teamwork
  • Invest and nurture the leader in every chair
  • Be more focused, take action and experience positive results

“My self-esteem and critical thinking has significantly improved through this program. This has helped me in inspiring staff that report to me and making process changes that have a positive impact on my team.” Participant of the 2014 Leadership Program  

Return on Investment

Decreased cost to the organization due to:

  • Leader engagement and conflict resolution
  • Solution-focused leaders
  • Clear management of how to deal with toxic behaviours (with self and others)
  • Ownership of relationship dynamics

Increased focus on Relationship-Centred Care© due to:

  • Moving from self-centred thinking to the impact on others
  • Collaboration with others in decision making
  • Asking for what we need; offering what we can
  • Aligning with other’s values in alignment with organizational mission and values
  • More engaged with others and aligned with organizational thinking

Improved Patient-Centred Care due to:

  • A focus on Relationship-Centred Care©
  • Leading the leaders in every chair
  • Invested in a culture of leadership
  • Understanding the value of engagement with all levels
  • Co-creating prevention and solutions with others
  • Learning that taking the time helps to save time