“…The journey is incredible, it begins with a focus on the work you do and inevitably this transfers to your ‘life issues’, which is then a rich analysis of your ‘work/life balance’. Not all coaches are equal, Liliane stands out in her ability to recognize that work/life is a matched set that cannot be separated, and tapping into your own motivations to improve your personal life knowing the work life results will be more powerful and lasting.

The exercises Liliane requires you to do will include many ‘ups and downs’.  An invested self-discovery journey is never boring (you get out of it, what you put into it) and the results are exciting – a more competent and self-reliant ‘you’. There were, of course, times where I thought my journey would end in a ‘dependency’ on my coach – after all, Liliane is so rich in resources. For example, her ability to bring you to the realization that your best asset is ‘yourself’, and by simply knowing yourself and your own strengths when used properly will improve your personal life – and in turn also nurture your work life (remember – the two are inseparable).

Many suffer a misunderstanding of work/life balance, it is not about ‘equal balance’, and it’s about the ‘why?’ … Why do we work? Why do we live? The answer, to achieve, to enjoy. Liliane’s exercises help you set out to achieve something meaningful and enjoy something meaningful every day. This results in work/life balance. When you get work done and enjoy doing it, it draws people to you – people who recognize the true qualities of a ‘leader’.

People engage a coach for ‘change’ –to initiate a positive ongoing ‘self-development’ program. A good coach will help you to see yourself as a continual ‘work in progress’ project and be the kind of person ‘others’ are inspired by. Thank you Liliane!”

– Monique Robichaud – Professional Nursing Practice Consultant at Providence Healthcare

“When asked to join this leadership program facilitated by Liliane de Vries and her team, my first question was, what is the structure, aim and goal of these sessions. All my answers would come, as I would walk through the process. I had a foretaste of what coaching was like a few years ago, but in a setting of peers and co-workers, I did not know what to expect.

The first session was powerful for me. My questions were answered in that time frame —- Destiny —- Value —- Choice —- words that one more time, shook my foundation and freed me to explore. It was enlightening, exhilarating and liberating.

The exercises given to work on, between the sessions turned out to be valuable tools. Validation, of our strengths and character, are areas that we negated with time; because of the difficulties and hardships we found ourselves in throughout our lives. It raised the veil that shrouded our persona.

There is no “I” in team but we fight for our INDIVIDUALITY throughout our workplace.

To not feel INVADED by our jobs but to be able to INCORPORATE ourselves in the whole of the vision.

The path of least resistance brings a lack of confidence. I came to accept that what I am today is because of what I have been through in my life and that moving past surviving into living and thriving is not easy but it is as simple as choosing my successes intentionally.

So now I can say, I am very grateful for what I have and what I am in life today. Thank you!”

Yours truly,

– Liliane Vanasse – RPN at SCO Ottawa Hospital

“I knew that when I met Liliane the first time, that she would be the one to “take me to task” on some of my “go to ways”…and she did.

I can think of one time where I had planned to provide a staff member with some feedback and communicated this approach to Liliane. Liliane coached me to look at a different perspective and quite honestly, when I left the session, the new approach had me feeling upside down and inside out and I was scared beyond belief to meet with this employee …but I did it and the result was a great interaction with the employee and myself where the employee stated that “she understood the feedback and thanked me for my delivery as it made her feel empowered and supported.

Thanks Liliane, I look forward to you turning me upside down and inside out some more.”

– Elizabeth Davison – Adult Day Program Manager at Providence Healthcare

“…the ‘masks’ came off, the work-titles dissolved and people began sharing with each other at a very intimate level.”

– Linda Lewis, Manager

Liliane’s coaching and her Leadership Circles©, has inspired me on a daily basis and helped bring out the leadership qualities and skills that I didn’t even know I had. She helped me prioritize what was important to me personally and professionally. She introduced me to the concepts of being present and making space. She helped guide me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and for my goals while eliminating the energy involved in tasks and relationships that were not. Her coaching was the start of my journey to fulfill my aspirations, and to provide me the foundation for growth and success.

Jacqueline A

“For me nursing circles represent a sense of calmness and peacefulness in a safe haven. Realizing we are all here for a shared purpose… A continuous/ongoing work in progress. Why does it have to end?”

– Donna M, RPN


A remarkably enlightening experience!

– Michael

“You are a powerful woman who is in service to the universe. Your work in the world is about giving hope, and supporting people in truly “living”. You connect with people who share similar experiences and this is what makes you a great coach – because you’ve been in the places they are.”

– Zo Ratansi, Partners in Excellence

“Had a great time today, many laughs, many truths.”

“It made me look into my true potential by having the power to acknowledge my weaknesses.”

“I will act on suggestions from staff, finding the gift in everyone”


“This day will certainly help me grow as a leader because it taught me skills for communication that I did not have before.”

“Inspiring, emotional journey of self. Someone wants to invest in me to believe in myself to inspire others.”

“Great way to feel the strength in numbers and the power of a team.”

“A great exercise to build self esteem and trust.”

“Motivating, makes you enthusiastic about trying it out on staff”

Nursing Leadership Circles© Testimonials

“Participating in Nursing circles have deeply impacted my nursing career in several ways! Before Circles, I was frustrated and often overwhelmed with managing the demands of the job. Many times I would leave work feeling defeated, wondering if I made a difference, and even thought of leaving a profession that I was so excited and passionate about. After Circles, hope was renewed, and my passion for nursing reignited! I now view challenges differently, and leave work now knowing that I did my best! I’ve also learned to be good to myself which have brought more balance to my life. Thank you Liliane!!!”

– Paula Chamberlain, RN Unity Health Toronto

“This experience is unique from any other I have ever encountered – it is definitely not your usual and it speaks to you in a different way – causes you to reflect and rethink all your actions, behaviours – personally and professionally. The nurses at Providence need you and all the amazing insight you have to offer. Never have I felt so comfortable sharing with someone – maybe too comfortable you may think Go get ‘em, tiger!!!!!”

– Sharon B, RN

“Nursing circles and the Planetree experience complement each other well. They both empower the powerless and give them a voice… Involving our patients and their care providers in their care decisions is best practices. Both of these experiences contribute to the overall quality of care for our patients.”
– Raquel R, RPN

“I have learned that there is a better way of viewing things and of handling things – both personally and professionally Having a nurse in Liliane’s position as Coach really changes how things are presented – she gets it – she’s been in our shoes.”

“I have a greater understanding of my role in handling everyday challenges. Perspective is now different and I feel empowered.”

Executive Leadership Circles© Testimonials

“Liliane de Vries has been an excellent coach and mentor for my colleagues and I at Providence Healthcare. Working at Providence’s Adult Day Program (ADP), our team of Clinical Resource Coordinators and I have faced numerous client and inter-professional challenges as we navigate evolving healthcare practices. Liliane’s coaching, in conjunction with the ALIVE in Healthcare: Leadership Circles©, not only improved our ability to collaborate effectively, but her curriculum promotes meaningful self-development.

Over the 7 weeks with ALIVE in Healthcare: Leadership Circles© program has helped my colleagues and I become more well-rounded and purposeful communicators. Notable topics include, World Views, Human Needs & Conditions, Toxic behaviours, and Choosing a Life of Well-being (ALIVE in Healthcare, 2018). Identifying specific domains of human needs enabled me to connect with ADP clients and understand how an absence in any one domain could lead to responsive behaviours. During complex conversations with caregivers and colleagues, these principles help me appreciate that every person, regardless of their background, may an “unmet need.”

Liliane’s personable approach to leadership, combined with a desire to promote improved self-discovery has made the ALIVE in Healthcare: Leadership Circles© a valuable and successful program. Knowing how to facilitate effective, professional conversations has helped me become a better leader at the ADP.”

– A Clinical Resource Coordinator of Providence Healthcare’s Adult Day Program with Unity Health Toronto

“The biggest takeaway for me from the Leadership Circles© was an appreciation for others, their values, perceptions, world views etc. and that we all make decisions based on who we are as individuals. I have become more open minded and interested in the opinions and thoughts of others because I’m appreciating and celebrating the differences rather than seeing us as far apart.”

– A Clinical Resource Coordinator of Providence Healthcare’s Adult Day Program with Unity Health Toronto

“Recently, our workplace had the privilege to participate in ALIVE in Healthcare’s Leadership Circles©. These ‘circle sessions’ have helped us create a positive environment in our workplace and daily lives. We have learned “to ask for what we need”, and clearly define “what we are able to give”. There are visible improvements in our communication skills, and we are demonstrating responsibility in our commitments at work. On a personal level, I would like to quote Luke 15:32, ‘He was lost, but now he is found!” Liliane, one of our facilitators and professional one on one coach, has been very valuable in my life’s search for purpose. Thanks to her powerful coaching I have stepped into being a great strategist, thought provoker, and a challenger. Liliane provided me clarity on my chosen path, helped me invoke my inner strengths and values, and helped me find the lighthouse towards finding the future self that has always been within me. Looking back, she re-branded who I was, from someone who I wanted to be, into “Me”.

– Jezrhael “Jet” Tacbi,
Clinical Resource Coordinator of Providence Healthcare’s Adult Day Program with Unity Health Toronto