Caregiver’s Crisis: Safeguarding Mental Health

Caregiver’s Crisis: Safeguarding Mental Health

Caregiver’s Crisis: Safeguarding Mental Health of Healthcare Professionals

By Liliane de Vries

The COVID-19 pandemic is here, and healthcare workers around the world are rising to the challenge. These selfless heroes are meeting each obstacle head-on with professionalism and poise in even the direst circumstances. Health care professionals are our first line of defence in combating COVID-19, and right now they are probably the most vulnerable to trauma, work-related stress and emotional exhaustion.

Recognizing the importance of preserving the mental wellbeing of health workers, the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is offering free mental health support to caregivers. The long-term nature of this plan is especially important because some will require help during varying stages of the pandemic.

Regarding the necessity of a longstanding plan, Lucy Warner (chief executive of NHS Practitioner Health) stated, “Staff might not need this most badly in the immediate term … because they’ll be so busy. But three to six months down the line … staff are likely to suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome.”

The process of providing therapy in the midst of a pandemic is difficult, according to Ruth Chaloner, HelpHub’s founder. “Many therapists aren’t accustomed to helping people through this level of raw trauma.” In turn, while help is available, it is not directly tailored to the current circumstance. 

Coaching During Crisis

During these trying times, it is clear that healthcare workers need support and guidance to navigate the uncertain path that lies ahead. That’s why, together with the Alive in Healthcare team, I’m offering complimentary 30-minute coaching sessions to all healthcare professionals. These sessions provide a safe environment to share experiences and express concerns. This is an opportunity to receive insight and coaching from someone with an extensive background in healthcare. 

During your session, we will focus on:

  • Processing your biggest challenge and your feelings associated with it
  • Discovering what strategies work for you and which work against you
  • Implementing solutions to cope with both your personal and professional hardships
  • Celebrating YOUR courage, commitment, and care
  • Discovering your best self in the middle of a crisis

More than ever, health care professionals require a sympathetic and understanding ear to express thoughts, fears, and doubts to without judgment. And just as important, they need someone with direct experience to listen and shine a light on solutions for managing stress and mental health.

These sessions are available for healthcare professionals worldwide. Whether you are across the ocean or right next door, you can schedule your 30-minute coaching online. We are in this together, and I am here for you.

To book your free session, click here.