ALIVE in Healthcare is an expert in the field of Healthcare Leadership. In conjunction with bringing a culture of leadership to healthcare, we have a unique approach bringing people together through Leadership Circles©. We work with all levels of professionals – from front line nurses to CEOs. Our belief is that healthy relationships create a culture of leadership.  We call this Relationship-Centred Care© that involves relationship with self, with others and how one relates to the organization.  This is key to Patient-Centred Care excellence.

Relationship-Centred Care© – Caring about every relationship involved in the healthcare system, beginning with self. It includes Leading Self, Engaging Others, and Systems Thinking.

Leadership Circles©

Our two main offerings are Executive Leadership Circles© and Nursing Leadership Circles©.  These Circles are designed to enable growth in individuals and groups within the systems and culture of the organization. This creates opportunities for the leader in every chair to demonstrate their best selves in shared leadership with others.

Our programs easily integrate with existing leadership and development initiatives, as well as being the main leadership program in your organization.

Leadership Circles© are created when you sit in a circle format to engage in human interaction held with the respectful intention of listening, hearing, and sharing of stories.  Circles will change the culture of your organization – healthy conversations, respectful listening, honest dialogue and promoting a Leader in Every Chair.

Private Coaching

In addition to the core programs, ALIVE in Healthcare offers Private Coaching for executives and individuals who are committed to leadership growth and development.