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Overwhelm, burnout, compassion fatigue, horizontal and hierarchical bullying, and toxic behaviours are just some of the symptoms that lead to high costs in sick days, sick leave, conflict, medication errors and the health, and sometimes lives, of your patients.

Our belief is that Relationship-Centred Care© is the foundation of Patient-Centred Care and the key to creating a culture of leadership from every chair – relationships from the front line up to the CEO.


ALIVE in Healthcare aims to influence thousands of Healthcare Professionals globally to be proud of their profession and contribution to Relationship-Centred Care©.   

Relationship-Centred Care©

Our belief is that healthcare functions at its peak when “Leading from Humanity” is from a Relationship-Centred Care© approach: caring about every relationship involved in the healthcare system, beginning with self.


We work together with you to nurture a positive culture in the workplace based on respect, responsibility and care. Our programs are designed to improve the quality of teamwork and the sense of belonging, ultimately reducing conflicts and organizational costs,  increasing efficiency and allowing new standards of excellence.


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Liliane de Vries
Liliane de Vries PCC, CPCC, ASTP™, Non-practicing RPN

Founder of ALIVE in Healthcare, Liliane’s 20+ years of experience as an RPN, gave her the experience of what it meant to be a passionate nurse with strong communication skills in a fast-paced, ever-changing career. She cared for patients through some of the most challenging times with increased professional demands and significant cutbacks.  The continuous personal growth in her role as a nurse – to be her best possible self and build honest and trustworthy relationships... Read more    

James Voulakos
James Voulakos CPCC, BCom, MA

James is an Executive Leadership Coach and a Professor of Management at George Brown College and Ryerson University. An experienced leader with 16 years of senior management positions in a variety of large corporations and early stage startup ventures.

In the past 15 years, James has been a dual professional with a solid footing in academia and leadership coaching. Read more

Casandra Bryant
Casandra Bryant B.A. hon., M.Sc., TCM

Casandra’s fusion as a strategic thinker and listener along with her ability to get to the heart of the matter connects with anyone who has a desire to step into their spotlight. As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, she appreciates that a purpose-led life is about personal development, curiosity, courageousness and believing in oneself. Casandra comes with over two decades in strategy planning, assessment, implementation and evaluation. Read More  

Anne Hurtubise

Anne is our Emotional Intelligence Specialist. Since 1999, Anne has worked closely with CEO’s, Executive Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and their teams to achieve outstanding performance by enhancing their emotional intelligence. Anne has extensive coaching experience, business knowledge and leadership expertise cultivated over 25 years as a businessperson and entrepreneur.Read more

Liz Mason
Liz Mason BScN, MN, CPCC

Liz is an ICF Certified Coach and Registered Nurse who helps people create the transformational change they desire in their lives through fostering their self-awareness and personal leadership. She is a fierce advocate for the power that Nurses hold in the health of our communities.  She has also seen, firsthand, how often Nurses are held back by a sense of disempowerment and frustration with the systems... Read more

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“Liliane’s infectious enthusiasm for life overflowed into her classes, providing support…Liliane helped many lift their heads high and become proud of who they are today.”

Linda Lewis, Manager

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“You have helped me see what is possible in life and have shown incredible support as I take my first shaky steps towards my future-self.”

Carol Wheeler,
SOHO Planning

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