We collaborate with healthcare organizations to provide top quality patient care by addressing the very things that are costing healthcare pain and money.

Overwhelm, burnout, compassion fatigue, horizontal and hierarchical bullying, and toxic behaviours are just some of the symptoms that lead to high costs in sick days, sick leave, conflict, medication errors and the health, and sometimes lives, of your patients.

At ALIVE in Healthcare, we focus directly on your people, providing them more than just leadership skills. We work with them to inspire personal insights and provide them with communication strategies, effective tools and real life solutions.

When you invest in your people, you cutback costs and become known for your outstanding care.

“The only difference you need be concerned with is the difference you are making within yourself; the rest will take care of itself.”

Liliane de Vries


Unique Philosophy for Sustainable Improvement

We are more than a leadership program motivating your people from the outside; we inspire people from the inside by having them discover what is already there. Our approach includes the whole individual, providing them with the skills and tools to discover the best of themselves, for their whole life, not just work. When someone shows up in their own life, they will naturally show up at work. It is no longer a part of their job description but now a part of who they are 24/7. They are your role models, your change agents, and your reputation. The “me” turns into “we”, turns into “the system” and eventually “the culture”. By creating self leadership, they are naturally guided to the desire to engage others and sustain the change.


You can count on us to bring in the best and to let you know what you need. We are not a cookie cutter program that is looking to bring change in the same way for every situation. We will be honest with you if something is not needed and when something else would work better. We work with you to create your best solutions.

Systemic Approach

We work with all levels of professionals; from CEO to front line nurses. We include allied health, as they are all part of the system. Our goal is not only to get the best out of your people, but to have them engaged in wanting the best out of their organization. When working with the individual, or groups, we are always holding them as part of the bigger system.

Our Patients Matter

Everything we do is in service of our patients. We are hopefully all here for the same reason; to give the best quality care ever. We have either been a patient, or have known a family member or someone close to us who has needed healthcare. We want to hear and create positive stories of the experiences our patients, families and co-workers share.

Certified Credentials

As a certified professional coach with extensive training, you can expect a very high level of competency and skill, translating to more results in a shorter period of time. The associates are chosen based on their credentials and/or skills they bring in to balance the team. We look for different strengths to create a well rounded team who will individually and collectively add to the perspectives and ideas that will support our clients and expand the possibilities of success.

Why choose us?


We are really thrilled with the diverse talent of our team members. They bring an abundance of varied experience, adding value to the team. Our people lead and deliver their specialties with energy and accountability. We're flexible and responsive, adapting our approach to meet the needs of individual assignments. As a team, we collaborate with our clients, partnering with them, to maximize results and sustainability.

Liliane de Vries
Liliane de Vries RPN, CPCC, ASTP

Founder of Alive, Liliane’s 30+ years experience as an RPN, took her from a fantastic experience of team work, strong management and a love of nursing to a very toxic team and management environment. She did not have the skills or tools to take on the challenge so she left in pursuit of some solutions.

She received a diploma in Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion where she discovered coaching in 2001. Immediately after, Liliane, bilingual (English and French), received her professional training and certification (CPCC) with the acclaimed Coaches Training Institute. She is also an active member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) as well as the Toronto hub leader in the making of The Difference ™ Movie. Her additional training at CRR (Centre for Right Relationship) Global has shifted her thinking from not only working with the individuals in healthcare but also addressing the ‘system’ they are a part of. Her successes include the work she has done with Providence Health Centre, SCO Healthcare (Ottawa), Thunder Bay Regional Hospital, Baycrest Geriatric Centre, Sick Children’s Hospital and RPNAO amongst others, and now moving into the USA.

James Voulakos
James Voulakos CPCC, BCom, MA

James is a business professor and leadership coach with expertise in organizational change, leadership development and strategic management. He has completed his Master’s degree in Leadership with Royal Roads, whereby he conducted an academic research project on how to empower department chairs as academic leaders.

James finds immense satisfaction in helping people grow and move forward in their businesses, careers, and lives. He is an accomplished communicator who can motivate both individuals and groups to attain higher levels of performance.

James’ background as a senior manager with more than 28 years of management and academia experience enables him to recognize promise in people and businesses. In his role as an executive coach, James combines his passion for business strategy with his considerable relationship-building skills. He is one of the rare individuals who can rally diverse personalities and groups around a common vision to get tangible results.

James is a Certified Coach of the CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and a graduate of the ORSC (Organizational and Relationship System Coaching) school of coaching. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University, and a Masters of Arts in Leadership (June 2013), Royal Roads University. In addition to actively participating in many business associations and ongoing personal and professional development programs, James is a Professor of Management Studies in the Faculty of Business at George Brown College and former Director on the Board with the International Coaches Federation GTA chapter and WireIE Inc.

Jane Schurr

Solving overwhelming and impossible situations is Jane’s expertise. Coaching Entrepreneurs, Senior Executives and their teams since 2002, Jane has worked with a cross section of industries across Ontario with outstanding success.

Jane is the founder of the CAR Formula, Clarity, Action and Results to drive success, a program with proven strategies that can be easily implemented for measurable results. She brings clarity, compassion and a sense of fun to workshops, speaking engagements, team events and one on one coaching consultations. Jane brings an out of the box perspective to the most stuck situations. She is a natural at listening and pushing aside beliefs that hold us back.

A graduate of the acclaimed CTI (Coaches Training Institute) since 2001, her most recent work has been at Providence Health Centre in Toronto.

Jane has been an experienced entrepreneur and business owner for over 25 years. She has truly experienced so many dimensions of business and life that add value to her clients; from designing and building mascots for clients across North America, serving as Executive Director for a Hospice, owning a flag and banner manufacturing business and working in Public Relations. Nothing stands in Jane`s way. She makes the impossible possible.

Anne Hurtubise

Anne is our Emotional Intelligence Specialist. Since 1999, Anne has worked closely with CEO’s, Executive Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and their teams to achieve outstanding performance by enhancing their emotional intelligence.

Anne has extensive coaching experience, business knowledge and leadership expertise cultivated over 25 years as a businessperson and entrepreneur. As a professional coach, with over 8500 hours of coaching, she has impacted hundreds of leaders to live a more fulfilled life. Anne was Vice President on the Board of Directors for the GTA Chapter of the International Coach Federation from 2005-2007.
•Certified Emotional Intelligence instructor through Hay/McBer in Boston, the Emotional Intelligence Development Corporation in Montreal.
•Adler School of Professional Coaching, Organization and Relationship System Coaching (ORSC) through Coach Training Institute by the Centre for Right Relationships in California.
•Adler Workplace Coaching Program (train the trainer), Certified in Tilt 365.
•Certified in Team Training Intensive and Team Diagnostic by Team Coaching International.
•Certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Level 1, Level 2 and Stressors with types.
•Certified in Shadow Coaching by the School of Shadow Coaching in Ottawa.
•Certified practitioner in Synergology (body language).
•Studied Management and marketing at the University of Montreal.
•Studied Information Technology at Control Data Institute.
•Additional studies in nutrition, physical training, stress management and meditation.
•Bilingual in French and English.

Liz Mason
Liz Mason BScN, MN, CPCC

Liz is an ICF Certified Coach and Registered Nurse who helps people create the transformational change they desire in their lives through fostering their self-awareness and personal leadership. She is a fierce advocate for the power that Nurses hold in the health of our communities.  She has also seen, firsthand, how often Nurses are held back by a sense of disempowerment and frustration with the systems and circumstances they work in. Liz started her Coaching practice in 2015 after spending a decade working as a Registered Nurse in a variety of fast-paced settings.  She now works to make a greater difference by developing more conscious and responsible leaders in our healthcare system and in our world. She holds a Masters in Nursing from the University of Toronto, is a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program from the Coaches Training Institute, and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). In addition to her private coaching practice, Liz coaches with, and facilitates, the Nursing Leadership Circles with Alive.

Casandra Bryant
Casandra Bryant B.A. hon., M.Sc., TCM

Casandra’s fusion as a strategic thinker, listener, along with her welcoming energy and ability to get to the heart of the matter connects with any one who has a desire to step into their spotlight.  She appreciates and shares with clients that a purpose-led life is about personal development, curiosity, courageousness and believing in oneself. It is also about creating one’s life work from that purpose that is rewarding in many ways.

Casandra comes with close to two decades in strategy planning, assessment, implementation and evaluation.  She worked for two private companies serving the non-profit industry. Much of Casandra’s work centred on research, engagement, advocacy and fundraising campaigns as well as a consultant to select best constituent relationship management (CRM) platforms based on strategic plans, current needs and future growth. Her successes include working with Children's Hospital Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, St Michael's Hospital Foundation, Credit Valley Foundation, and Cancer Research U.K..

Casandra’s current role as a Leadership Coach and Strategic Team Lead for ALIVE in Healthcare offers a rich expertise in research-based projects, action-oriented strategy, implementation, and evaluation. She believes that building capacity amongst individuals is key to a successful workplace culture that leads from humanity.